Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Dragon cake--no dye--big challenge!!!

We had two parties so I had to make two cakes. We moved less than 2 weeks before the party and it was crazy!! With 1/2 of everything in boxes it was a big challenge to do. While we were out to dinner the dragons attacked the family cake. It was pretty funny . . . easy to do a 2 layer dye-free cake with just a simple border. Bright candles added color.

The hardest though was to satisfy my little boy's wish for a 3d "fire-breathing" dragon cake. I convinced him that fire was not going to happen and smoke would be the best I could do. I bought some aquarium tubing and a cheap plastic toddler cup with a straw. I threaded the tubing through the cake and the head (rice krispy) and out from under the fondant "sea." Everything was made from scratch and the fondant was a bit too dry after the mixing and mixing and mixing of natural colors to try and get the dragon dark grey. Light grey was the best I could do with blueberries and other natural colors. It turned out pretty cool though!

I modeled the legs and tail and head from rice krispy treat and the body is a chocolate cake.
Here is Elijah testing the smoke.

I think he likes it!

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Kierstin said...

Oh my gosh! You are AMAZING!! Coolest mom ever award goes to you!! WOW!!!